Sober Escort/Transport

Our Sober Escort/Transports assist peer s from there location of an intervention, detox or between treatment centers and care providers. This is the most crucial time for the peer. It is a highly sensitive period for a successful new life in recovery. No matter if it is the peers first attempt or continuous bumpy path to change their lives for the better. We are very familiar with the uncertainty associated with the decision to admit oneself, family member, or peer to an addiction treatment center. Our staff are very experienced to address concerns or fears during this period in the peer’s recovery.

All of our staff has multiple years in recovery and has tackled the wreckage of their past. At the same time they have found positive and proactive solutions in their own lives. This is extremely important to apply the knowledge of critical thinking and empathy to assist peers with the most important and best decision of their lives. A Sober Escort/Transport is a seasoned recovery advocate and professional with the life experience that translates from the streets to well versed recovery tools to accompany peers on their journey, helping make sure they arrive safely and comfortably to the designated destination.

COST: $150/hr or $1,500/day
(whichever is less) plus expenses